Terms & Conditions

  • All enquiries should be made to Liverpool One Travel. Enquiries should not be assumed as bookings unless stated as a ‘confirmed booking’. Enquiry quotations only stand at the time of the enquiry. No time slot, date or booking can be held unless it is a ‘confirmed booking’.
  • All quotes given are based on one pick up and one drop off unless otherwise stated. Additional pick ups and drop offs will incur extra charges. Please be aware that if additional drop offs are not prearranged they may be refused as this could lead to the driver being late for further bookings.
  • Some bookings may require a deposit. This will be arranged at the time of booking. Deposits are refundable up to 14 days before the confirmed travel date. If you cancel after this time, no monies will be refunded. The deposit paid will be deducted from your final bill. If you have booked and would like to cancel, please inform us as soon as possible.
  • Invoices are accepted through registered companies. If invoicing is arranged and payment is not received within 30 days a late payment charge of £15.00 will be applied to the account, also interest of 39.9% per day will be added. The date of payment will be stated when the booking is arranged.
  • All customers must treat the driver and the bus with respect. Smoking, eating and drinking of alcohol is not allowed. If passengers drink alcohol on the journey, travel will be terminated immediately. However, during a long distance trip, refreshments and snacks can be consumed if this is pre arranged with Liverpool One Travel.
  • If the vehicle becomes soiled during your use there will be an immediate payment of £60 for cleaning and inconvenience. If this is not paid the driver has the right to terminate the journey.
  • If, during your journey, the vehicle becomes soiled to the extent that it needs to be ‘taken off the road’. Not only will you be liable for the above charge of £60 but the driver also has the right to terminate the remainder of the journey (you will not be eligible for a refund). riwout a refundver
  • In the unlikely event that Liverpool One Travel need to cancel the ‘confirmed booking’ we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements to meet your travel needs. If necessary, we will refund any monies previously received.
  • In the event of Liverpool One Travel not being able to fulfill the arranged journey we will either cancel the confirmed booking and provide a full refund of any monies paid or find an alternative company to fulfill the arranged journey. Please note that in the event of an alternative company being used Liverpool One Travel will not be responsible for any service provided by the other company. We will endevour to tell the customer about any alternative arrangments however we are not obliged to do this.
  • Final fares are subject to change if there is a significant increase in fuel prices, you will be notified of any changes before the date of travel.


  • Liverpool One Travel will do all that they can to ensure that they are on time for pre-arranged pick up times. However, the customer should be aware that on rare occasions major traffic problems and unforseen circumstances may cause the driver to be late. However, if this problem did arise, Liverpool One Travel would inform the customer of any problems and would endevour to ensure that minimum disruption would occur.
  • In the event of customers being late for the pre-arranged pick up times, the driver will wait a maximum of 15 minutes (1 hour for airports, seaports, train or other transferring modes of transport). Once this time has elapsed the driver has the right to leave. If the customer requires the driver to return at a later time then additional fees will apply (these will include fuel, parking, tolls and any additional costs that the driver has had to incur). The customer should contact Liverpool One Travel as soon as possible if they are aware that they might be late for the pre-arranged pick up time.
  • If the customer knows that they will be late for the pre-arranged pick up time they should inform Liverpool One Travel as soon as possible for ammendments to be made. If Liverpool One Travel have no other pre-arranged bookings and have incurred no additional costs (fuel, tolls, parking, etc) then a later pick up time may be negotiated. However if Liverpool One Travel have further bookings that they need to attend then the customer is responsible for seeking alternative travel arrangements. Liverpool One Travel are not responsible for the lateness of the customer and fellow passengers (this applies to train, sea, air and other travel methods that may effect lateness).
  • Liverpool One Travel accept no responsibility for airport, seaport, train or other transport delays.

Payment methods

Cash, Paypal, cheques and company invoices can be used as means of payment.

To pay a depost or the full amount securely using paypal. Simply click the link below: